‚Äč‚ÄčOlympic Canal Tracts

Beach Rules

Members must have a CURRENT Facility Use Card, preferably pinned where they can easily be seen.

One limit of oysters is 18.  One limit of clams is 40.  There is a maximum of three limits of oysters  per membership per day.  This could be a single member with two guests or 2 members and 1 guest.

A disabled person may obtain a handicap card, which will allow someone else to use his or her card.  The person harvesting the oysters may get a limit for the disabled member as well as themselves.

Oysters may be taken off in the shells at this time.  However, this may change as the summer season wears on.  We will be watching the numbers of oysters coming off the beach very closely.

As of this time, there will NOT be any extra limits this year.

A responsible adult must accompany children under 12 years of age.

No dogs are permitted on the beach at low tide. 

Renters do not have beach, dock, or boat ramp privileges.

No family member or friend is permitted to use a members card.

The Board has the right to suspend membership, if a member fails to comply with established rules.

Boat Launch

Members must have a visible, current Facility Use card.

A Member must be present during the launching or recovery of a boat, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please do not block usage by tying up to the floating dock for excessive periods of time.

There is a NO  WAKE ZONE from the dock to beyond the buoy.


State Shellfish Regulations:

Below is a reply from the Department of Fish and Wildlife to a member's question about the need for a shellfish license
when taking clams or oysters from private tidelands. The short story is that the state game wardens expect us to have 
a valid license, and may enforce this at their discretion, so your board recommends complying with the requirement.